Lights, Camera, Action!

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Brain Storming

Recently I made the decision that I needed to improve my online presence and while going over ideas I realized I should make a music video for my new album! After listening to my album over and over two songs hit me with images in my head I could see playing out in a video.

After talking to my friend Brian Bridges the owner of Video Street 14203696_1721309651468477_112537093_oProductions with my ideas, I then settled on the song Irish Lullabies. The idea I had created in my head was a classic kind of video that would be similar to movies like Dancing In The Rain. There would be dancing, singing, classy outfits and have a grandiose feeling about it, and it would be done on a tight budget of $300.00.

Staging and casting

So after I had my videographer set I needed a venue and actress. The venue was easy I asked a local business called Uggie Boos Bistro which has a very romantic/ intimate atmosphere where I’ve played many times before. Getting the actress was more difficult though.

I started asking girls who I thought would fit my ideal character, red hair and blue eyes and about my age. Now sure how to go about it I decided on a straight forward process. Hey do you want to me in my music video?  You wouldn’t believe how many people were quick to say no. Then I realized maybe I need to tell them the context of the video, because they could be thinking I’m making a rap video or something and that’s why they didn’t want to help. After thinking about my word choice a little better I asked a local model if she would be interested and at last I had found my actress. That is until I took too long to book everything and she

My friend Tayler

lost interest. luckily I ended up finding a good friend of mine name Tayler who was really excited to help me.


The next step was getting a background crowed. I didn’t have much luck I posted online and asked around for people to help me out, again lucky the owners of the venue had a group with them and we were able to use them in the video as background cast. I also was really happy when my dad  said he could come and help out a little.

The Day of The Shoot

On the day of the shoot I had to go to work and wasn’t able to get to the venue before everyone else which made a little uneasiness at the beginning. After making peace with everyone I had Brian set up while I helped Tayler put on the wig that we borrowed from my grandma. We began shooting immediately  in the venue as we had a dead line of 8:30 pm before the venue closed up shop for the night.

The first shots were with my dad and I, he was such a trooper. When ever

My dad playing his part so well
My dad playing his part so well

the camera was on him his face light up like Rudolph’s nose but he pulled it off and we were able to get some great takes.


I really had very little to do as far as directing, with meeting with Brian prior and talking to Tayler everything went very smoothly and were able to shoot everything before 8:00 pm. Everyone gave some input and with those ideas we built on different takes and I believe we ended up making a beautiful video. It had the feel of a movie, with dancing and singing, and professionalism on a level I wasn’t sure we were going to make with my budget and time restraint but we did it.

A shot of us making a video. No big deal
A shot of us making a video. No big deal

The Editing stage

After the video was shoot, Brian took it home and worked on the editing portion of it, where, again needed little guidance besides the few ideas I gave him. On top of making the video he gave me some pictures for promotion and a behind the scenes video.

You can watched both the video and the behind the scenes videos by clicking on either link. Make sure to share with your friends and family and please subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’ll be working on the next idea as soon as I can.

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