It’s my birthday

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Recently I celebrated my birthday and thought, what better way to celebrate then to have a show!

The Promotion.

I wanted to sell this show out and see how well I could do that with a grass roots campaign.( A grass roots campaign is really a fancy term for word of mouth.) So I made some flyers up and had them printed at the local print shop in town. I did this because I know they print shop works with other news outlets and asked if they could pass the word around for me.  Then I did the Facebook event invited everyone I knew who was a local and put as a comment on the event to have people share the event with their friends. The day of the show I posted a picture of myself across all of my social media sites and did a $5.00 twitter ad  to boost the exposure. The most successful promotion was the Facebook event It was shared 8 different time by a new person each time and had an exposure of 2,000 people.(one of my best viewed events yet.) To learn more on how to do grass roots campaigns read this blog!

Grassroots Promotions

The show


after work I raced over to Uggie Boo’s Bistro to set up and sound
check. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but I was having my brother
Colton Franks and my buddy Devin Close play a couple songs with me so I wanted to make sure we all had a good even sound. I was a little nervous too because from the information I  gathered online and word of mouth I expected to place to be packed before I started. None the less people started to show up about 10 min before I started and by 8:00 pm we were at max capacity!  My 1023152042brother and I learned a few new cover songs “I’ll follow you into the dark” and “A rocket to the moon” which we nailed. at 8:30 I pretended to take a break and while I was on “my break” Devin and Colton would come up and start playing “Teenage Tequila ” our first song we wrote as a
band 4 years ago. We played a few more covers and ended with a new cover song called “Party like a Rock Star” by JTX. With everyone feeling pretty pumped I was asked to play one more, an encore of sorts and finished the night off with and original called You’re my home.1023151958a

All in all it was a really fun night. I don’t normally drink when I play because I like to be as professional as possible but since it was my birthday I partook of some tequila after our song “Teenage Tequila”.

Thank you for reading my blog, If you would like to see more pictures and videos of the night follow my Instagram. user name Rylei Franks if you haven’t signed up for my monthly email blast please join the story by putting your name and email at the top of the page.

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