Winterhop Brewfest

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Last year I played a festival in Ellensburg called Winterhop Brewfest. I had so much fun that I asked to come back way before the Ellensburg chamber of commerce began putting the next festival together. The festival is put together by the chamber of commerce and asks local businesses to volunteer their space to host one musician/band and a few breweries.  While figuring out what I needed for the show my fiance thought up of the idea to make pretzel necklaces and sell them for $1.00, surprising enough I sold all of them!  I’m not sure what was the bigger hit, my music or the necklaces.

recycle shop inc
Photo credit: Briana Munoz

This year I played at a new venue called the Recycle shop inc. This store is a really cool bicycle shop, they have a bike for any level of cyclist. The breweries that were  Elysian brewery and Quirk brewery. Both vendors were very nice along with the shops staff.

Sound Check
Photo credit: Briana Munoz

Also this year I bought a new pedal for my vocals called “The Duplicator ” made by the company TC Helicon. It was a lot of help as I played hours on end. The pedal basically give my vocals a chorus doubling effect. It also has an auto correct nob that keeps me in key when I get tired.

This is a little GIF of me playing Irish Lullabies–a popular song of mine– while my parents dance along. 🙂

watch the music video @

For more information about the festival, breweries, venue, or my new foot pedal visit the links below..

ReCycle Shop inc.

Winterhop Brewfestival:

Elysian Brewery:

Quirk Brewery:

TC Helicon:


Hello Portland

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Day 1

This past weekend I had my first show in Portland, Oregon. With limited funds and knowing I was going to play two consecutive days, I decided to give this new movement called the Airbnb a try. Airbnb is basically where someone who has an extra room in their house rents it out for a night. IMG_20160221_074219This usually is very cost effective given that you are daring enough to stay at a stranger’s house. Anyway, I looked through the places to stay and found this really cool bus for rent. For only fifty dollars a night it seemed like a good deal and I wanted to make the most of my experience and keep true to the expression “keep Portland weird”. Before my first show on Friday night, I met with the owner of the bus and was given a key so that I could come and go as I pleased. With the key in hand I headed to my show at the Artichoke music venue.
Pulling up to the music venue I noticed that the lights were off and the doors were locked. I was a bit early and thought maybe I was too early and the owners weren’t there yet. It wasn’t until about 6:45 (30 minutes after I initially got there) I noticed people walking around back. I grabbed my guitars and low and behold there was another entrance to the venue called the Artichoke Cafe. I walked in and was greeted by a man named Don. He escorted me to a  green room where I tuned my guitar and met all the other acts performing.
A few of my Portland friends made it out to my show and so I talked with them until the first act when on.
The Artichoke:IMG_20160220_092312
When I went on Don, the announcer, gave me a great opening speech. A little nervous, I began to play my first song “Irish Lullabies”. After a few measures I began to relax and get into the groove of things. I finished up and the crowd exploded with applause. It was amazing…I began my little skit where I tell the stories behind my lyrics then sing the songs associated with those stories. When I did “Badada” I told the crowed they should sing along with me and guess what… they did!! It was so much fun. Even better, it was maybe 10 people shy of being a sold out show for the venue. Anyway, I finished up my set and explained to everyone that I have free stickers and an email list for people to join if wanted. As I walked off the stage, I was greeted with smiling faces telling me how much they enjoyed my songs and I even had a few sign my email list.
Act Four:
After the show I talked with the host, Don, and the other acts and left to grab a slice a pizza at a 24 hour pizza place close to the venue. I drove to my bus and called it a night.

Day 2

Saturday is a day I will always remember, and this is why. When I woke up, I found out I needed to use the main house bathroom which turned out to be a daycare facility. After I finished getting ready up for the day, I found my way back to the bus. While in the bus, I looked out the window and saw some kids trying to chain me in. Luckily, I was able to startle them before they succeeded.IMG_20160221_074410
I needed to get some computer work done and also checked out of my “room”  so I packed up my things and found an internet cafe. Once there, I bought a coffee and logged into the internet. I worked for about 2 hours.
Well, feeling the need to explore the city, I made my way back to my car. I started it and it wouldn’t start. I popped the hood to find my timing belt had basically disintegrated. I called my insurance and I got a tow truck to the nearest BMW service station. I’m told I had to wait two hours before they can get to me. I decided to grab lunch and a beer. I called my family to let them know what was going on and also my friend to try arrange a ride to my show that night.
The Shop:
I got to the shop with my car and talked to one of the service reps only toIMG_20160221_074255 have them tell me they can’t work on it until Monday! That’s when I decided: well it’s just a belt I can fix that, right? Wrong. My friend’s husband and I worked on it for almost two hours and finally wrestled the belt on. With a feeling of pride, I start it up and was able to make my way back to my friend’s house only for the engine to stall out on the freeway. My heart sank. I had no idea what would cause this. The dashboard lit up with different icons. I called another tow truck, got my car back to BMW, dropped off the keys and got a ride back to my friend’s house. I really want to express that even though my luck wasn’t at it’s best that day, I laced my boots up and went to my show at the Jade lounge. I felt incredibly thankful for my two friends and family (over the phone line) helping/supporting me in my time of trouble.
The Jade:
As I arrive to the Jade Lounge I noticed that people were already playing. I was a little worried. I walked in with my guitars and made my way to the bar to ask if I was in the right place. They assured me it was and that they normally have two shows on Saturday. Feeling better about that, I remembered that there was suppose to be a local act opening for me. Well, 8:00 PM came around and there wasn’t any local act so I asked if it was ok if I went on and played until I couldn’t. With their permission, I set up my equipment and began my set. I put my heart into that set. With everything that had happened, I just wanted to drown myself in my music and give these people the best show I could. I believe that I accomplished that. Why?  Only because the best compliment you can have is when the bartender (who hears music almost every day) says how beautiful my music and voice were. When 10:00 PM came around  I got a ride back to my friend’s house to call it a night.

Day 3:

Yes, there is one more day. My mom called me saying that she arranged a rental car for me. So, I get up and head over there only to find out they can’t give me a rental car because I have to have a credit card and they don’t accept a debit card unless I have three forms of ID. Well, I don’t carry that much  because I’m worried of losing my wallet. After trying two other rental places, I went back to the first rental place and asked if there was anything they could do. They replied with a no. To add to it all, I found out that my car would’t be an easy fix and could be a week minimum until it could be fixed. With my heart sinking deeper in my chest, I called my mom and she said I should stay with the car. But what did I do instead? I bought a train ticket, called my girlfriend to come pick me up in Seattle, and get IMG_20160221_180507the heck out of dodge. Besides, I’d never been on a train before and I was fortunate enough to get bumped up to business class (which is the best class).
Now, as I write this blog post, I have a smile on my face. I’m sitting in a really nice recliner, Pepsi in my cup holder, gazing up every now and then watching the mountains and ocean fly by knowing that I’m going to make it home.
Until my next post, thanks for reading!

Winter special shows

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With my album starting to make movement to being done I’ve been working hard on building my audience and promotion on my album.

Here is what I did

  1. This winter I had only booked 3 shows to the few places I know with a built in draw.
  2. I applied my new knowledge of Twitter and Facebook ad’s
  3. Email blast

I really didn’t expect to have the outcome that I did at these show! Lets start with the first show in Snowqualmie.

Snovalley Coffee Co.

On the day of the show it started snowing.  The roads were horrible IMG_20151205_121441with and average of 20 cars in the ditch every mile from reckless drivers, I was happy to  have my dad (“the most experienced driver”) behind the wheel of our suburban. With luck on our side we were able to get to the show on time. The quote “the life of Riley” always comes to mind when I manage to make things work with no real explanation. I n all actuality, I should have been a good 45 min late, but I wasn’t.

After setting up and doing a sound check, I was asked to sing happy birthday, (In the picture with the two girls on the couch the one on the right), which definitely made her day. I askedIMG_20151205_151133 them to take a picture for Instagram and with that they took a sticker and joined my mailing list! Before the show, my twitter account was doing more work for me then I’ve ever seen. I had re-tweets and likes from Snoqulamie and it brought in one very excited fan to see me.  She was so nice, I asked if she wanted to take a picture for Instagram also, her grin was so big.

With a successful show of promoting and fan making down we headed back home.

Pybus Market

I arrive at Pybus Market and find out that I was going to be playing on the same stage as Santa!Now you can bet your pretty face that I’m going to put that on my resume, opened for Santa, check. I played the same set as Snovalley and was very successful in gaining the attention of the people walking around the market. Which I thought might be vary hard with the Sea-hawks playing and being projected on the big screens everywhere.  It was fun though I did some very short commentating for the game and had people laughing and enjoying the game along with my music.

St. Brigid’s Brewery

To be honest I’ve never played here before, I had reached out and was welcomed with open arms. The only catch, I had to sing only original music. I’ve only 1211151944done that a major venues when I had to cover like 30 min. So 2 hours was a bit daunting. But again my Twitter and Facebook were making moves for me. I was contacted by a man named Brian asking if he could video my show and put a few songs on the upcoming online magazine Streets of Moses Lake. My thoughts, well of course that’s awesome! I met with Brian before my show and set levels on sound and light during my sound check. If you are in need of a Videographer Brian is the owner of video street productions

My family was also helping me out by having their friends come out who then brought their friends too. I was super excited, I normally have fun singing my songs for people but this show I felt like I was on fire. I was playing and singing great. Getting the crowed involved with clapping to the beat, making them laugh and sing along. It made me wish even more that music was full time.

As the night came to an end. I said my thank you’s and touched base with everyone, and grabbed some free food.


All in all I couldn’t have asked for any better outcome. I believe I made some solid fans, received great publicity, and got to do what I love.

Thank you for reading my blog. I now have a new app where you can share this blog with the icons at the top by the title. If you like this blog please share and join the story by joining my monthly mailing list. 🙂


It’s my birthday

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Recently I celebrated my birthday and thought, what better way to celebrate then to have a show!

The Promotion.

I wanted to sell this show out and see how well I could do that with a grass roots campaign.( A grass roots campaign is really a fancy term for word of mouth.) So I made some flyers up and had them printed at the local print shop in town. I did this because I know they print shop works with other news outlets and asked if they could pass the word around for me.  Then I did the Facebook event invited everyone I knew who was a local and put as a comment on the event to have people share the event with their friends. The day of the show I posted a picture of myself across all of my social media sites and did a $5.00 twitter ad  to boost the exposure. The most successful promotion was the Facebook event It was shared 8 different time by a new person each time and had an exposure of 2,000 people.(one of my best viewed events yet.) To learn more on how to do grass roots campaigns read this blog!

Grassroots Promotions

The show


after work I raced over to Uggie Boo’s Bistro to set up and sound
check. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal but I was having my brother
Colton Franks and my buddy Devin Close play a couple songs with me so I wanted to make sure we all had a good even sound. I was a little nervous too because from the information I  gathered online and word of mouth I expected to place to be packed before I started. None the less people started to show up about 10 min before I started and by 8:00 pm we were at max capacity!  My 1023152042brother and I learned a few new cover songs “I’ll follow you into the dark” and “A rocket to the moon” which we nailed. at 8:30 I pretended to take a break and while I was on “my break” Devin and Colton would come up and start playing “Teenage Tequila ” our first song we wrote as a
band 4 years ago. We played a few more covers and ended with a new cover song called “Party like a Rock Star” by JTX. With everyone feeling pretty pumped I was asked to play one more, an encore of sorts and finished the night off with and original called You’re my home.1023151958a

All in all it was a really fun night. I don’t normally drink when I play because I like to be as professional as possible but since it was my birthday I partook of some tequila after our song “Teenage Tequila”.

Thank you for reading my blog, If you would like to see more pictures and videos of the night follow my Instagram. user name Rylei Franks if you haven’t signed up for my monthly email blast please join the story by putting your name and email at the top of the page.

New York New York

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At the start of September I went to visit my sister in Long Island, New York. If I wrote about my whole trip I would end up writing a short novel so to save you and myself time I’m going to write about my adventure in going to a local open mic at the Buzz Bean coffee shop in New York.

The Guitar!

Bromuda Triangle
good bye craigslist guitar.

In order for me to play at the open mic I found I needed a guitar. Notwanting to spend a lot of money on one only because I wasn’t going to take it with me on the plane home. So my sister gave me an idea to go on craigslist to find one. After spending an hour or so looking I found one for a good price, called the seller and arranged a meet and greet.

As I drive down the road to my final destination I’m taken back to a thriller killer movie. It was a dirt road with cars that had previously been set on fire on one side and a junk yard on the other. As I come to a dead end in the road a man the size of an Ogre come out behind a fence made up of trailer home siding. My brain told me to stay in the car and drive away but my music determination told me to give this guys a chance and check out the guitar, so I crossed my fingers I don’t die.

we have the usual small talk and she showed me the guitar. My heart dropped! It was a Walmart brand guitar that was half the size of a normal guitar and it was missing a string. Not wanting to upset this guy I asked him if he had extra strings? He answered with a no. So I offered him $15.00 for the guitar. He agreed took the money and I high tailed it out of there.  Got some new strings, tuned it up and took it to the show only to find the open mic offered a guest guitar for people like me to play. Because I was worn out on the craigslist game I put my new guitar in the Bermuda Triangle (how I met your mother reference) and in a few hours it was gone.

Open Mic!

I showed up there a little late and signed up to play. Everyone got to play 3 songs that night, so as it stood I was schedule to go on around 10:00 PM.  Now I can go into how the show went but I’ll just leave the video for you to watch. I was well recieved and was meet with people wanting to get to know me more. I had a blast!

Gonzaga University

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So on September 30th I played at Gonzaga University! I have to say I was so excited to play this show, I practiced every night and it definitely paid off.


I received an email from a man named Richard from Gonzaga who asked If I wanted to play there. I promptly answered with a YES and from there we booked a date and filled  out all the paperwork to get the show date set in stone.  I made flyers and posters and had some coffee sleeves designed with the shows info. Unfortunately they weren’t able to use the selves because it was against the schools policy to promote that way.

Show Day

As I got ready I went IMG_20150930_103301through about 5 different outfits to see what would seem presentable and relate-able to the age group I was playing for. I posted a picture and Facebook/Instgram took off. With lots of luck wished to me for my show I went to work.

After work I headed straight to Spokane where I was met at the front door by my cousin Kevin. He helped me unload my stuff and write up a set list for the show. after that I had my sound check where three college students from the sound department helped me. I have to say having a sound team is really nice. I didn’t have to worry if I was too loud or had too much bass. After having their help and being able to concentrate on my music and show I am even more excited to get to the next level in my music career where I never have to do my own sound, that would be nice.

The Main Event.

20150930_200635-1I start with my go to cover song 3 A.M. by matchbox 20 to wrestle out my early show jitters .After that I did another cover, Free Falling by Tom Petty. Then, after breaking the crowed in, I played my first Original song Badadada I told my short story that goes along with it and got the crowed into it by having them sing the chorus with me. Once I finished I knew I had them in my pocket. I played other songs but some out-shined the others.  There was Folsom Prison Blues where people where shouting out Yea Haw, Irish Lullabies had some dancing, and Counting Stars where everyone was clapping with me during the bridge part.

All in all it was a great show, I made some new fans who signed up for my monthly email list, talked to Richard who said he would pass my information on the Bartlett in Spokane for me to play at.

Thank you for reading my blog post it means a lot to me. If you haven’t signed up for my monthly email list just fill out the box at the top of the website and click submit. I also have a contact page you can directly contact me if you would like to tell me a story of your own.  🙂

12 Hawk Summer Series

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Poster I designed for my summer series at the 12 hawks.

This summer I wanted to focus and playing more local shows and building my home fan-base. I reached out to a few clubs and venues discussed times, monetary arrangements and dates. After my meeting I made a deal with 12 Hawks Bar and Grill to do a full summer series!

I tried some new promotion ideas along with some classic one. such as news paper ads, and posters. This time though I had coasters made with my name and website on one side and the event on the other side. This worked a little but I had to point out what they were and who they were for before people started to catch on and taking them home.

Getting ready with morning vocal warm-ups for my 12 Hawks show

Lets start with the show. To be honest I had a hard time figuring out the “scene” when I first started.  After my first show and not getting the response I wanted I started working on different song line-ups, different tip jars, sitting down/standing up, everything. About my third week of playing my summer series I got a break and discovered a few thing that helped my shows like starting with a strong cover song is better then an original in most sports bars .

With this show being on Wednesday’s at 6:30. I would get off work and head straight to the club to set up and play, meaning I didn’t get a chance to eat and found myself lacking in the energy department.

I didn’t seem to have the energy to perform all my songs at full force like I usually do. So I decided to pick up coffee before my sets. when I first started I drank too much and was shaking by the end of my show from a caffeine high. So with some experimenting I also figured out how much to drink before and during my show to keep the engine running at full force.

Last show of the summer at 12 Hawks. Devin and I played a few songs from our rock band days.

Now I can’t say every night was a packed house with hyper attendees but I did play my heart out every night. Some nights I felt like I was missing something important, some step I might have missed to get a better crowed. I’m not sure what that step might have been but I know being personable and using free stickers as ice breakers really helped me make a connection with everyone and in the end made this series a huge success.

For my final show my old band mate and best bud Devin Close played a few songs with me. We had some old fans come out and as we played a little nostalgia kicked in making my final show one for the books for me.

In the end it was a great learning experience, great time, made some new friends/fans, and helped me find out a little more about myself as an artist.

Thank you for reading.

-Rylei Franks

Spokane Transit Authority

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Spokane Transit Authority (STA)


When you read this title you’re probably thinking. What does the Bus service have to do with Rylei Franks? Well about a month ago a fellow musician named Joshua James Belliardo contacted me and asked me to join in on a show. This show was to be hosted by S.T.A.(Spokane Transit Authority) as a free concert for all of Spokane to attend and would be held at the main bus station at the Spokane Plaza.

Main Story

Chapter 1:-the meet and greet

I arrive in Spokane around 5, with a little worry in my mind only because I had no idea who the person I was suppose to check in with looked like. Lucky Peggy was waiting by the stage for the artists. After a brief introduction I met Nicholas the second act and soon to follow Joshua and his brother Jacob Sebastian. As we set up the stage Patty came to us and said that the CEO was there to watch with a little look of worry we assured her we would do our best.


Chapter 2:-Rylei Franks (me!)11831772_10207264290556215_2707239536044064908_n

With an hour of playing time I felt pretty good knowing that I was able to play  all my favorite originals and covers. With some light heart-ed jokes and crowed interaction to fuel my music energy I let loose on the stage with some power vocals I’m not normally comfortable playing at my usual venues but I figured, hey I’m outside and these guys are really great so why not give it a go. I convinced quite a few people to take home a sticker and at points in time the block was packed but I think their bus ride came because it would empty just as fast.  All in all it was a great experience and was told that I did as good as I felt I did, which really is exciting to hear.

Chapter 3: The Nicholas Peter Walker

Before Nicholas got on stage I made a small joke about him looking like Harry Potter. I wasn’t sure how he took it until he turned it 11028016_10207264033029777_7539466150719319488_naround and used it in his act between songs. I have to say he is really funny and very down to earth. With a indie/ folk sound and a  visual style to go with it. He mesmerized the crowed with witty conversation and clever lyrics. I was really impressed and after his set asked if he would be interested in playing a gig in my home town.

Chapter 4: Joshua James Belliardo (Final Act)11825647_536567423157235_6651648832099213589_n

I’ve shared the stage once before with Josh where I was impressed with his music. To hear him play again in his own element and tell his stories was almost magical. (Not to be sappy in my own blog) Before this show I talked with him about how he was close to a sponsorship  and I must say he deserves it. If you ever have a chance to hear him play, GO!

Final Chapter:

All in all it was a great night with all acts being different sounds and personalities. I’m told that the STA CEO was so impressed with our music and show that they are going to do more next year with a bigger budget! I told Patty when that happens please don’t forget me. “HAHA

Thank you for reading my post if you have time give one of my songs or videos a listen and tell your friends about myself and the other artists mentioned in the blog.  Till next time…

The Jesse Lawson Show

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If you haven’t heard of Jesse Lawson one of the reasons might be that he was in a band called Sleeping with Sirens until 2014, where he helped write the guitar parts to their world renowned acoustic album. “If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Sound Track.”   If by chance you don’t know Sleeping With Sirens or Jesse Lawson here are a few links to help yourself get antiquated with their music.

The Show

When I arrived for check in I was pleasantly surprised to see Jesse Lawson sound checking and then meet each artist. I followed suit and did the same trying to snap a picture with all of the acts before we became too busy. Right before the doors opened to the public my cousin and I walked the down town area passing out flyers/handbill to the show. If you are Kind of shy like myself I encourage you to try this out once, it’s a lot of fun/ nerve racking at the same time.

First Act

The First act Kyle Siegle was an artist I’ve yet to hear from in the Spokane area. But after his set I learned this was because he lived in Portland until a few months ago. Kyle was awesome, He played songs that were similar to Relient K and SecondHand Serenade.I took a quick video of each act as well if you would like more on him or others please follow the links I’ve provided to their pages.

Kyle Siegel Youtube Channel

Second Act

Now the second act David Simmons I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with a few times, four to be exact. David is a soft spoken alternative acoustic artist who sings and tells his stories from the heart. He plays ever so often in Spokane so Look him up and catch a show.

David Simmons Youtube Channel

Third Act

The thirst act was  a band called Kevin and the Spokes who played covers like Mr. American Pic and Free Falling. Perfect for the scene and were a really cool down to earth group of guys.

Fourth Act

Finally it was my turn. After listening to great acts and knowing I only had 25 minutes to play my heart out I decided to start with an upbeat cover song to catch their attention called “Honey I’m good”. Now if you’ve ever seen me live you know that I like to tell the story behind the lyrics of my song and so the songs I chose I did just that starting with, Santa Barbara. If you would like to listen to it I have it online here. Next I moved to “Work Place Tango”,then “Badadada”, “letters to Ann”, “Mamma Warned me”, and finished with “Iris in C#”, If you would like to listen to these songs I only have a few online other then that you’ll have to come out to a show and get the full meal deal.


Final Act

Now for Jesse Lawson Ladies and Gentlemen. As we walked on stage he has this confidence you only get after being on the road touring I would assume. He starts the show with a joke and begins his first song. There is a sound issue where his mic cut in and out and after finishing his song they sound man is able to fix the issue. He admits he wasn’t ready for that and brings the crowed back into his control with a short story about being with Sleeping With Sirens and begins to play “James Dean and Audrey Hepburn” (my favorite song). The crowed goes wild as he reels us back in he said ok now for my songs. I had to say this show was funny, musically entertaining and just all around amazing.

With another successful show under my belt, I learned a lot about promotion in the Spokane area. As well as stage presence from Jesse Lawson. I hope to share the stage with him again.

Thank you for reading my post. Please join the story by signing up to my email list at the top of the page. Let me know what your thoughts and ideas about my shows,music,posts, everything.


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This year I was asked to come back and play Bloomsday! This is exciting because there is only 20 spots on the course and they usually have returning acts so it’s really hard to get booked.

Morning-5:00 AM

So, after a long day before of playing two shows in a rovolunteerw. I wake up at 5:00 AM and get myself ready for my big show at Bloomsday on the course! A little sleepy eyed I make my way to my spot where I played the year before. I know I’m ready for this because I spent the last few days packing my car with everything I needed.

  1. power converter
  2. speaker system
  3. guitar and cables
  4. canopy

Pre-Race-7:00 AM

As I set my equipment up Laura (the Director) drives bye and  tells me that this my spotyear they will be filming the race and that I might be on a video they are going to sell later this year! Filled with excitement I hurry to finish setting up. After I finish setting up a photographer rides up to me and asks if he can take my picture, of course I say yes. He snaps a few pics and sets up a shooting spot by me. While waiting for the race to start I chat it up a little but, I realize it’s 8:00 and the racers were going to be running bye soon. I immediately begin playing.

I have to say playing for Bloomsday racers is something I wish all musicians could experience. The energy, the support, and just the pure joy everyone seems to have. They could be else where away from the cold morning and blazing afternoon, somewhere comfortable and relaxing instead of running about 8 miles with 42,000 other people, but they aren’t.

Race-8:00 AM

set list

Right as soon as I started playing one of the racers crashed into the railing and First-responders came up. I had to stop playing because in the rules they give us the First-responders need to be able to talk to the patient and that means no music so even though I just started I basically had a 15 min break.

As soon as they had taken care of the racer I was back at it. I added it up and I realized I had played 4 hours straight after that. No breaks, no water, I just pushed though it. I wanted to keep spirits high as people passed bye me. Even though my voice was getting tired and may have given out a few times I kept going.

Finish-12:00 PM

Around 12:00 I was told all the runners had finished and so I packed up.  Even though I was tired I was happy, and proud of myself for playing so long and being able to see all those people, hoping a few would remember me and look my music up later.

After Party-1:00 PM

Around 1:00 pm after arriving home I received a call. It was a reporter from the Inlander!! His name was Mike, he asked me a few questions about the race, about myself, and my music. Super excited I anxiously awaited for the Inlander to come out to see if my interview had been printer. Sure enough It was and in the Bloomsday Special!  I’ve attached a picture of the article at the bottom to read it you would like.

All in all I hope to play again next year, and I hope you enjoyed my story. If you like please sign up at the top for updates on my upcoming shows, past adventures, and new music. Who knows you might get a picture with me and end up on my BLOG!inlander interview