Winterhop Brewfest

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Last year I played a festival in Ellensburg called Winterhop Brewfest. I had so much fun that I asked to come back way before the Ellensburg chamber of commerce began putting the next festival together. The festival is put together by the chamber of commerce and asks local businesses to volunteer their space to host one musician/band and a few breweries.  While figuring out what I needed for the show my fiance thought up of the idea to make pretzel necklaces and sell them for $1.00, surprising enough I sold all of them!  I’m not sure what was the bigger hit, my music or the necklaces.

recycle shop inc
Photo credit: Briana Munoz

This year I played at a new venue called the Recycle shop inc. This store is a really cool bicycle shop, they have a bike for any level of cyclist. The breweries that were  Elysian brewery and Quirk brewery. Both vendors were very nice along with the shops staff.

Sound Check
Photo credit: Briana Munoz

Also this year I bought a new pedal for my vocals called “The Duplicator ” made by the company TC Helicon. It was a lot of help as I played hours on end. The pedal basically give my vocals a chorus doubling effect. It also has an auto correct nob that keeps me in key when I get tired.

This is a little GIF of me playing Irish Lullabies–a popular song of mine– while my parents dance along. 🙂

watch the music video @

For more information about the festival, breweries, venue, or my new foot pedal visit the links below..

ReCycle Shop inc.

Winterhop Brewfestival:

Elysian Brewery:

Quirk Brewery:

TC Helicon:


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