Winter special shows

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With my album starting to make movement to being done I’ve been working hard on building my audience and promotion on my album.

Here is what I did

  1. This winter I had only booked 3 shows to the few places I know with a built in draw.
  2. I applied my new knowledge of Twitter and Facebook ad’s
  3. Email blast

I really didn’t expect to have the outcome that I did at these show! Lets start with the first show in Snowqualmie.

Snovalley Coffee Co.

On the day of the show it started snowing.  The roads were horrible IMG_20151205_121441with and average of 20 cars in the ditch every mile from reckless drivers, I was happy to  have my dad (“the most experienced driver”) behind the wheel of our suburban. With luck on our side we were able to get to the show on time. The quote “the life of Riley” always comes to mind when I manage to make things work with no real explanation. I n all actuality, I should have been a good 45 min late, but I wasn’t.

After setting up and doing a sound check, I was asked to sing happy birthday, (In the picture with the two girls on the couch the one on the right), which definitely made her day. I askedIMG_20151205_151133 them to take a picture for Instagram and with that they took a sticker and joined my mailing list! Before the show, my twitter account was doing more work for me then I’ve ever seen. I had re-tweets and likes from Snoqulamie and it brought in one very excited fan to see me.  She was so nice, I asked if she wanted to take a picture for Instagram also, her grin was so big.

With a successful show of promoting and fan making down we headed back home.

Pybus Market

I arrive at Pybus Market and find out that I was going to be playing on the same stage as Santa!Now you can bet your pretty face that I’m going to put that on my resume, opened for Santa, check. I played the same set as Snovalley and was very successful in gaining the attention of the people walking around the market. Which I thought might be vary hard with the Sea-hawks playing and being projected on the big screens everywhere.  It was fun though I did some very short commentating for the game and had people laughing and enjoying the game along with my music.

St. Brigid’s Brewery

To be honest I’ve never played here before, I had reached out and was welcomed with open arms. The only catch, I had to sing only original music. I’ve only 1211151944done that a major venues when I had to cover like 30 min. So 2 hours was a bit daunting. But again my Twitter and Facebook were making moves for me. I was contacted by a man named Brian asking if he could video my show and put a few songs on the upcoming online magazine Streets of Moses Lake. My thoughts, well of course that’s awesome! I met with Brian before my show and set levels on sound and light during my sound check. If you are in need of a Videographer Brian is the owner of video street productions

My family was also helping me out by having their friends come out who then brought their friends too. I was super excited, I normally have fun singing my songs for people but this show I felt like I was on fire. I was playing and singing great. Getting the crowed involved with clapping to the beat, making them laugh and sing along. It made me wish even more that music was full time.

As the night came to an end. I said my thank you’s and touched base with everyone, and grabbed some free food.


All in all I couldn’t have asked for any better outcome. I believe I made some solid fans, received great publicity, and got to do what I love.

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