Spokane Transit Authority

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Spokane Transit Authority (STA)


When you read this title you’re probably thinking. What does the Bus service have to do with Rylei Franks? Well about a month ago a fellow musician named Joshua James Belliardo contacted me and asked me to join in on a show. This show was to be hosted by S.T.A.(Spokane Transit Authority) as a free concert for all of Spokane to attend and would be held at the main bus station at the Spokane Plaza.

Main Story

Chapter 1:-the meet and greet

I arrive in Spokane around 5, with a little worry in my mind only because I had no idea who the person I was suppose to check in with looked like. Lucky Peggy was waiting by the stage for the artists. After a brief introduction I met Nicholas the second act and soon to follow Joshua and his brother Jacob Sebastian. As we set up the stage Patty came to us and said that the CEO was there to watch with a little look of worry we assured her we would do our best.


Chapter 2:-Rylei Franks (me!)11831772_10207264290556215_2707239536044064908_n

With an hour of playing time I felt pretty good knowing that I was able to play  all my favorite originals and covers. With some light heart-ed jokes and crowed interaction to fuel my music energy I let loose on the stage with some power vocals I’m not normally comfortable playing at my usual venues but I figured, hey I’m outside and these guys are really great so why not give it a go. I convinced quite a few people to take home a sticker and at points in time the block was packed but I think their bus ride came because it would empty just as fast.  All in all it was a great experience and was told that I did as good as I felt I did, which really is exciting to hear.

Chapter 3: The Nicholas Peter Walker

Before Nicholas got on stage I made a small joke about him looking like Harry Potter. I wasn’t sure how he took it until he turned it 11028016_10207264033029777_7539466150719319488_naround and used it in his act between songs. I have to say he is really funny and very down to earth. With a indie/ folk sound and a  visual style to go with it. He mesmerized the crowed with witty conversation and clever lyrics. I was really impressed and after his set asked if he would be interested in playing a gig in my home town.

Chapter 4: Joshua James Belliardo (Final Act)11825647_536567423157235_6651648832099213589_n

I’ve shared the stage once before with Josh where I was impressed with his music. To hear him play again in his own element and tell his stories was almost magical. (Not to be sappy in my own blog) Before this show I talked with him about how he was close to a sponsorship  and I must say he deserves it. If you ever have a chance to hear him play, GO!

Final Chapter:

All in all it was a great night with all acts being different sounds and personalities. I’m told that the STA CEO was so impressed with our music and show that they are going to do more next year with a bigger budget! I told Patty when that happens please don’t forget me. “HAHA

Thank you for reading my post if you have time give one of my songs or videos a listen and tell your friends about myself and the other artists mentioned in the blog.  Till next time…

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