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At the start of September I went to visit my sister in Long Island, New York. If I wrote about my whole trip I would end up writing a short novel so to save you and myself time I’m going to write about my adventure in going to a local open mic at the Buzz Bean coffee shop in New York.

The Guitar!

Bromuda Triangle
good bye craigslist guitar.

In order for me to play at the open mic I found I needed a guitar. Notwanting to spend a lot of money on one only because I wasn’t going to take it with me on the plane home. So my sister gave me an idea to go on craigslist to find one. After spending an hour or so looking I found one for a good price, called the seller and arranged a meet and greet.

As I drive down the road to my final destination I’m taken back to a thriller killer movie. It was a dirt road with cars that had previously been set on fire on one side and a junk yard on the other. As I come to a dead end in the road a man the size of an Ogre come out behind a fence made up of trailer home siding. My brain told me to stay in the car and drive away but my music determination told me to give this guys a chance and check out the guitar, so I crossed my fingers I don’t die.

we have the usual small talk and she showed me the guitar. My heart dropped! It was a Walmart brand guitar that was half the size of a normal guitar and it was missing a string. Not wanting to upset this guy I asked him if he had extra strings? He answered with a no. So I offered him $15.00 for the guitar. He agreed took the money and I high tailed it out of there.  Got some new strings, tuned it up and took it to the show only to find the open mic offered a guest guitar for people like me to play. Because I was worn out on the craigslist game I put my new guitar in the Bermuda Triangle (how I met your mother reference) and in a few hours it was gone.

Open Mic!

I showed up there a little late and signed up to play. Everyone got to play 3 songs that night, so as it stood I was schedule to go on around 10:00 PM.  Now I can go into how the show went but I’ll just leave the video for you to watch. I was well recieved and was meet with people wanting to get to know me more. I had a blast!

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