Gonzaga University

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So on September 30th I played at Gonzaga University! I have to say I was so excited to play this show, I practiced every night and it definitely paid off.


I received an email from a man named Richard from Gonzaga who asked If I wanted to play there. I promptly answered with a YES and from there we booked a date and filled  out all the paperwork to get the show date set in stone.  I made flyers and posters and had some coffee sleeves designed with the shows info. Unfortunately they weren’t able to use the selves because it was against the schools policy to promote that way.

Show Day

As I got ready I went IMG_20150930_103301through about 5 different outfits to see what would seem presentable and relate-able to the age group I was playing for. I posted a picture and Facebook/Instgram took off. With lots of luck wished to me for my show I went to work.

After work I headed straight to Spokane where I was met at the front door by my cousin Kevin. He helped me unload my stuff and write up a set list for the show. after that I had my sound check where three college students from the sound department helped me. I have to say having a sound team is really nice. I didn’t have to worry if I was too loud or had too much bass. After having their help and being able to concentrate on my music and show I am even more excited to get to the next level in my music career where I never have to do my own sound, that would be nice.

The Main Event.

20150930_200635-1I start with my go to cover song 3 A.M. by matchbox 20 to wrestle out my early show jitters .After that I did another cover, Free Falling by Tom Petty. Then, after breaking the crowed in, I played my first Original song Badadada I told my short story that goes along with it and got the crowed into it by having them sing the chorus with me. Once I finished I knew I had them in my pocket. I played other songs but some out-shined the others.  There was Folsom Prison Blues where people where shouting out Yea Haw, Irish Lullabies had some dancing, and Counting Stars where everyone was clapping with me during the bridge part.

All in all it was a great show, I made some new fans who signed up for my monthly email list, talked to Richard who said he would pass my information on the Bartlett in Spokane for me to play at.

Thank you for reading my blog post it means a lot to me. If you haven’t signed up for my monthly email list just fill out the box at the top of the website and click submit. I also have a contact page you can directly contact me if you would like to tell me a story of your own.  🙂

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