12 Hawk Summer Series

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Poster I designed for my summer series at the 12 hawks.

This summer I wanted to focus and playing more local shows and building my home fan-base. I reached out to a few clubs and venues discussed times, monetary arrangements and dates. After my meeting I made a deal with 12 Hawks Bar and Grill to do a full summer series!

I tried some new promotion ideas along with some classic one. such as news paper ads, and posters. This time though I had coasters made with my name and website on one side and the event on the other side. This worked a little but I had to point out what they were and who they were for before people started to catch on and taking them home.

Getting ready with morning vocal warm-ups for my 12 Hawks show

Lets start with the show. To be honest I had a hard time figuring out the “scene” when I first started.  After my first show and not getting the response I wanted I started working on different song line-ups, different tip jars, sitting down/standing up, everything. About my third week of playing my summer series I got a break and discovered a few thing that helped my shows like starting with a strong cover song is better then an original in most sports bars .

With this show being on Wednesday’s at 6:30. I would get off work and head straight to the club to set up and play, meaning I didn’t get a chance to eat and found myself lacking in the energy department.

I didn’t seem to have the energy to perform all my songs at full force like I usually do. So I decided to pick up coffee before my sets. when I first started I drank too much and was shaking by the end of my show from a caffeine high. So with some experimenting I also figured out how much to drink before and during my show to keep the engine running at full force.

Last show of the summer at 12 Hawks. Devin and I played a few songs from our rock band days.

Now I can’t say every night was a packed house with hyper attendees but I did play my heart out every night. Some nights I felt like I was missing something important, some step I might have missed to get a better crowed. I’m not sure what that step might have been but I know being personable and using free stickers as ice breakers really helped me make a connection with everyone and in the end made this series a huge success.

For my final show my old band mate and best bud Devin Close played a few songs with me. We had some old fans come out and as we played a little nostalgia kicked in making my final show one for the books for me.

In the end it was a great learning experience, great time, made some new friends/fans, and helped me find out a little more about myself as an artist.

Thank you for reading.

-Rylei Franks

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